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Q1. How many hours earlier should we contact the company?

Ans. 24 Hrs.

Q2. What is the purpose of a survey?

Ans. We conduct a pre-move survey for the following reasons To Inspect your goods, Understand your needs, Identify delicate & valuable articles, Take measurements to calculate the volume of the goods, Assess manpower and materials requirements, Check facilities for loading, parking, movement of vehicles, etc. During the survey Diamond packers & movers., will also explain the moving process, clear your apprehensions, advise you appropriate means of transport, schedule dates for packing & moving and most importantly help you plan your move more effectively.

Q3. What is the time taken by a Pre-Move Survey?

Ans. Around two or three hours.

Q4. Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

Ans. Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents or any natural disaster in the moving process.

Q5.How long packing and moving of your goods would take?

Ans. Every home is different but for a normal truck load of household effects (750 CFT) takes between three and five hours for packing. This is based on a crew of three or four persons. If timing is important, let us know about your requirements and Diamond packers & movers will coordinate the move accordingly.

Q6. Why we should choose Diamond packers and movers?

Ans. Diamond Packers and Movers have Quality Packing, Well Trained Manpower, Quality Packing Material, Perfect Box, Containerised Vehicle, 24 hrs Helpline, Strong Customer Care.

Q7. What type of vehicles will be used to move my goods?

Ans. We have multiple moving options for your goods from small to very large trucks. However, this depends upon the volume of your goods & your specific needs. To know more about your moving requirements please contact Diamond packers & movers.

Q8. What is the mode of payment with your company?

Ans. Mode of payment with us is very simple, you can pay us as per your convenience. We accept both Cash and Cheque.

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